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Fireplace Maintenance and Service

Is your fireplace operating safely and efficiently? While the fireplace is considered the heart of the home, it is often the most neglected appliance. A Hardline Hearth and Home technician can give your fireplace the maintenance and care it deserves. With our 15 point inspection and service we can restore the beauty and safe function of your fireplace. Proper maintenance and service now will help avoid costly repairs and replacements later. Call us today for a free quote on all your fireplace service and maintenance needs.

Servicing and Maintaining Your Fireplace For Safety

Your fireplace has many parts and they all work together to provide you a warm, safe fire. It has important parts like a carbon monoxide detector, glass panels that withstand extreme temperatures, fans, air passages for circulation, blowers, vents, pilot lights, and super tight connections that should never leak. All of these parts work together and output a beautiful, warm, safe heat for you and your family to enjoy.

Are you well versed in how to maintain and service these and the other parts of a fireplace? We are! Hardline Hearth and Home technicians are NFI and factory certified by many fireplace manufacturers and are ready to earn your business.

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About Service and Maintenance for Your Fireplace

Scheduled yearly fireplace service is an easy way to keep your money saving fireplace in tip-top working order. A Hardline Hearth and Home technician will come to your home and both provide a vigorous 15 point inspection, as well as service your fireplace to help maintain peak performance and safety.

Hardline Hearth and Home can also work with you to implement a fireplace maintenance plan. A fireplace maintenance plan can help the homeowner complete and keep track of recommended manufacturer maintenance tasks. In it, we also note down the recommended yearly service appointment for your fireplace.

Call or contact Hardline Hearth and Home to schedule your fireplace maintenance and service appointment today!

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