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Gas Line Installation

Do you need a new gas line installed, replaced, or altered? Has your gas been shut off due to a leak? Hardline Hearth and home is the best team for the job. We will work with local inspectors and your gas company to ensure service is added or returned to your home in the quickest way possible. Call us today for a free quote on all of your gas piping needs.

Gas Line…

Gas line sounds complicated, and in ways it is. But, as trained professionals, Hardline Hearth and Home keeps it simple for you. If you’re needing your current line extended to connect to your beautiful new gas range in your kitchen, or maybe your old pipe needs replaced, we are capable and ready to make it happen. Sometimes, a line can leak. In that case, your gas company will come out and shut off your supply until the leak is prepared. We are well versed in the requirements and rules and can get your gas flowing again quickly and safely. Safety is a top priority, especially when working with gas.
Did you know?
– E
very gas appliance has a different BTU rating!

What is a BTU?

– A BTU is a British Thermal Unit – used to measure the energy input and output of an appliance. The higher the BTU the more energy consumed and more heat or power supplied.

Different BTU ratings, require different sized gas lines. Is your current gas pipe setup allowing for the best output? We always assure you are getting the most out of your gas line and appliances!
Natural gas pipes

Is your gas line safe? 

  • A key valve is present in many gas line setups. It provides an easy, accessible shut off option of your gas supply and very important leak control. Often, older key valves are culprits for leaks and sometimes fail completely. It is imperative that your key valve operates properly as it can prevent a dangerous situation and you are able to shut off your gas in an emergency. Hardline Hearth and Home would be happy to replace your unsafe key valve!
  • Older homes are frequently piped with untreated iron pipe. This type of gas pipe tends to rust and corrode over time, which leads to leaks. Replacing your gas line with modern materials can increase efficiency and safety.
  • Do you have an earthquake shutoff valve? This type of emergency valve is installed to allow the supply of gas from the meter to your home, to be cut off in case of an earthquake.
  • Hardline Hearth and Home is skilled at seeking and finding leaks and making the the necessary repairs. We use updated and technologically advanced tools to aide in our search and test for leaks.
  • Education is key. We aspire to improve your knowledge and understanding of how the gas system works. You will always know how to properly shut off your gas and work with your gas company in an emergency. This can save you and your family from any dangers associated with gas leaks.

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